Take the First Steps: Getting a Vaporizer and Other Vaping Components

The use of e-cigarettes is a fast-spreading trend among people these days. Called ‘vaping’ by those who’ve had experience in it, the action is referred to as such because the e-liquid or e-juice is vaporized instead of burned, as in the case of a regular cigarette.


While vaping may seem simple, it’s a lot more complicated than people think. Unlike traditional smoking, in which you just light up a cigarette and drag a smoke out of it, the enjoyment vaping offers goes beyond the basic vaporizing process. Let us first find out why some people have switched to or started vaping.

Why Start Vaping?

Why would anyone want to start vaping, anyway? The main reason many people cite is that they want to quit smoking. The good thing about e-cigarettes is that you have better control over the dosage of nicotine you have in your e-juice, unlike in normal cigarettes where you don’t have control. This helps you wean off the substance, the way a nicotine patch does. Vaping is also a more pleasant experience than sucking on a tar-filled cigarette. E-juices come in a wide variety of flavors that are easy on your lungs.

What You Need

To start vaping, there are three things you need to buy: the vaporizer, a battery, and the e-cigarette liquid or e-juice. The vaporizer is the main part of your e-cigarette. It’s what vaporizes the e-juice and usually has a tank that contains the latter. There are several types, but as a beginner, you may want the basic eGo Twist type of vaporizer. It’s simple to use and you just screw the battery on.

Next is the battery. You’ll want one that will last you a long time and is easy to charge. Ask the retailer how long a battery would last when fully charged, and how it can be charged, to determine which one would suit you best.

For the liquid, as a beginner, just choose a flavor you like. There is a wide range of e-liquids on the market and as you progress with vaping, you’ll be able to determine which is ideal for your needs. All of these can be acquired from dependable sellers, like Carolina Vapor Mill.

Enjoy the Experience

Once you have these three components, all you need to do is hook them all up and start your vaping experience. A few experimental puffs is all you need to get the hang of things. From there, you can start the process of saying goodbye to normal cigarettes.


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