Can the Daily Use of Electronic Cigarettes Help Users to Quit Smoking?

Ever since electronic cigarettes came into the scene, there have been talks about how they help regular cigarette smokers who are trying to quit. There had been little info to back this up, but now a study shines a new light on it. According to The Guardian, “People who take up e-cigarettes in an effort to stop smoking should consider upping the nicotine dose they get by using them daily, scientists have said.” The study also suggested that the use of the refillable tank version would be more beneficial in this regard since it delivers a higher dose of nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes have always been surrounded by controversy, but more new studies like this are being conducted and their results should shake some of the controversy off. Last year, another study found that people who wanted to quit smoking have a bigger chance to do so with electronic cigarettes than with an anti-smoking nicotine patch or gum. The study also saw this to be true with users who were trying to quit through willpower alone.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices filled with liquid nicotine. Some designs make the e-cig look like an actual cigarette, complete with a red glowing tip, brown filter, and white cylindrical tube. When users take a puff on the end of the tube, the nicotine is heated up, which then creates a vapor that is inhaled by the lungs. In essence, it contains nicotine but not tobacco smoke, which helps to reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms in smokers who are trying to quit.

E-cigarette users have significantly increased over the past few years, and it only seems to be growing in popularity despite there being people who are against it. As more studies are conducted on the effects and progress of electronic cigarettes, however, the controversy surrounding the device could lessen, especially if these studies could prove definitely that it can help users who are trying to quit smoking.

Regular cigarette smokers should feel at home with e-cigarettes since they look and feel like the cigarettes they’re used to. Those who want to try e-cigarettes can get them from shops like Carolina Vapor Mill which has a selection of starter kits that can help those who are looking to make the switch.


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